Promotion of reading: Drastic growth of number of non-reading children

After the PISA shock comes the KIM shock: At last we have had the time to study the survey KIM Studie 2010 which was published in February and which looks at the media consumption of children aged six to 13 in Germany. And on page 23 I was shocked: Every fifth child (20 per cent) never reads, compared with 17 per cent in 2008 and as “low” as seven per cent in 2005.

Did all the reading promotions fail? Who reads all those books for children and teenagers, which are being published in ever-growing numbers?

The figures are a little bit more placating if we look at the growing number of children who say they like reading. The proportion of non-readers or hardly-readers on one hand and kids who like reading or love it on the other hand is actually stable.

The KIM survey is published by the research group Medienpädagogischer Forschungsbund Südwest, a cooperation between the state media authorities (Landesmedienanstalten) of  Baden-Württemberg und Rhineland-Palatinate.  1,200 children and their main carers were interviewed in June/July 2010.

Autor: Ulrica Griffiths

Text in: German


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