How mums use smartphones for shopping

Today we received a survey from about how mothers in the US use their smartphones for shopping. 31 per cent of US mobile users will have a smartphone this year, the market reasearch institute reckons. While smartphones have been something for younger mothers in previous years, nowadays mothers of all ages have smartphones. But do they use them the same? The surveys points out some differences.

Mums over and under 45 years show similar mobile shopping habits: They all like to look up shops nearby (45 per cent both), they compare prices (36 and 37 per cent) and keep a shopping list on their smartphone (26 and 27 per cent). But when it comes to searching for new products, the younger mothers are ahead with 34 per cent versus 28 per cent, also regarding downloading coupons (27 and 16 per cent), tracking sale items  (19 and 13 per cent) – and younger mums shop more directly from their smartphone (17 and 13 per cent).  And mothers from 45 years are more likely to say that they don’t use the smartphone at all for mobile shopping (37 per cent compared to 30 per cent of the younger mothers).

Younger mums are more adventurous when it comes to downloading apps, too. Older mums like to focus on news, fitness and health, and are as likely or even more likely than younger mums to download such apps. Mothers under 45 years use a greater variety of apps, such as social networks, apps for education, business or finance, and as many as 36 per cent have apps from the big unknown group of “others”. Apps for games and entertainment are the favourite for both age groups: 94 per cent of mothers under 45 installed one or more of those, and 90 per cent of the older mums, too.

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