Connecting brands with mom bloggers

Notebook Griffiths Consulting, a Munich PR agency specialising in the target group of family and youth, is offering its clients access to a growing network of parenting bloggers. This service has been tested and proven with selected clients already and is part of the social media activities and expertise that the agency has been building during the last years.

A study* recently published by the market research institute npdgroup underlines the importance of reaching out to mum bloggers: 79 per cent of mothers in the US are active in social media. A quarter of them already purchased a kids product on the basis of a recommendation in a social network or blog.

“In Germany too, mums are getting increasingly active online“, says agency founder Ulrica Griffiths, “we are offering our clients a credible and top-quality presence in authentic and popular parenting blogs. This is only possible through systematic monitoring of the blogging scene and because we are contacting the authors in a sensitive and transparent manner.”

The agency uses a proprietary research and evaluation system in order to identify relevant mum bloggers.

Griffiths Consulting is a PR and social media agency founded by Ulrica Griffiths who was Head of PR for toy brand Lego in Central Europe until 2004.

*source: Social Media Moms: How Networking Impacts Purchasing Behaviors, published in December 2010

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