The touch generation

Yes it’s coming – the touch generation in our primary schools. But not just yet. Data presented at the Kinderwelten kids marketing conference concerning the ownership of “touch” devices among children, gives kids marketers a little bit of time until they have to handle augmented reality, QR codes and Co.

0.4 per cent of children surveyed own an iPhone, while 33 per cent don’t know what an iPhone is !

iPod Touch:
2.1 per cent of children have an iPod Touch – 36 per cent don’t know what it is.

touchscreen phones in general (Children don’t say smartphone, they say “Touch-Handy” in German) :
3.7 per cent of the kids have one, 25 per cent don’t know about them.

8.5 per cent of the children are allowed to use their parents’ smartphones. A growing 10 per cent of the parents of six to thirteen-year-olds now own an iPad or other tablet PC.

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