Kids PR: How brands can be interesting for children

“We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and we need to start being what people are interested in”

keynote speaker Hubertus von Lobenstein plee at the kids marketing conference Kinderwelten in Cologne, Germany quoting Craig Davis from the advertising agency JWT.  He not only argued for good advertising, but for a totally new kind of marketing.

Brands that do not adapt their marketing strategies to the new opportunities and effects that PR, social media, smart phones and search engines offer, will suffer in the future, because consumers will screen them – or simply go to the toilet during the commercial break.

But what are children interested in? The basic needs of children are: to belong, to be noticed and to be special. Brands that can help here will be interesting for children, not those brands that aim to be a little bit cooler or funnier.

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