Employer branding: students want face time

The student’s associations Market Team and MTP have researched into how students would like to learn about potential employers. The report shows a clear vote for personal contact during course time at university: Around 80 per cent of all students would like to meet representatives of companies through workshops or lectures at the university. Also the other most popular forms of contact are always of a personal nature, be it career networking fairs with 57 per cent, recruiting events with 51 per cent and information booths at the university with 47 per cent.

Publications, advertising and flyers have approval with 31 per cent of the students surveyed, while 27 per cent named the presence at platforms such as Xing (a German network similar to LinkedIn) and 23 per cent chose adverts in social networks – with both rather unpersonal and medial options being a clear second to personal contact. Emails are far behind with 13 per cent.

Source: A survey of members of Market Team and MTP, published in March 2011.

Text in: German


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