Female shoppers: What retailers need to know

Women tick differently to men when shopping – and we’re not talking about their fixation for shoes. Wolfgang von Hagen, Sales Director at shopfitting expert Decor Metall talked about that topic in the June issue of toy trade magazine “Das Spielzeug”. According to research women need a lot of information, impressions and opinions on a product before they are willing to buy. They also take into consideration more alternatives than men and look at various shops – often returning to the first one again.

Women are looking for a feel-good experience, usage examples and friendly staff. Calmness and enough time are also very important factors, too. Moreover women are positively influenced by well-arranged displays, wide range of goods, novelties, freshness and clear price labeling of the products. Furthermore women trust recommendations and like customer loyalty programmes.

As a reason for shopping women mention that they want to do something good not only for themselves but others too. They also shop or buy for pleasure and relaxation but the top reason is: they feel like something new.

Source: Das Spielzeug 6/2011 “How female and male customers shop”

Text in: German


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