Why mothers can’t let go of their smartphones

A current survey carried out by the online platform BabyCenter among mothers in the US found that Smartphones have become essential in daily life. Half of the mothers interviewed even admit to be “addicted” to their Smartphone.

Since 2009 the use of smartphones among mothers in the US has risen 64 per cent. 53 per cent of the women said that the purchase of the device was directly linked to their motherhood. Most used features are camera, video and apps. More than half of the mothers (52 per cent) have installed ten or more applications, with a third installed are for their children.

Moreover smartphones are a source of information. 33 per cent use their phone to learn about healthcare and wellness. Also when shopping the smartphone is getting more and more important. 68 per cent compare prices and find out about sales on their smartphone. In addition the smartphone functions as a communication device and mothers have an above-average use of smartphones for social networking.

The online platform BabyCenter gives advice concerning parenthood and children and is one of the most important places to go for mothers in the US.

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