Baby mecca Prenzlauer Berg – a kids’ fairy tale

Marketing pros, be aware: The “baby boom oasis” Prenzlauer Berg is a myth

Prenzlauer Berg is a part of Berlin and is commonly regarded as having the highest birth rate in Germany, but this assumption has now been exposed as a complete myth! Marketing strategists should rather look at a totally different area of Germany…

Pregnancy Hill – this is what the city magazine “Zitty” called the “in-district” Prenzlauer Berg a few years ago. Prams are rolling where once students and artists filled the coolest clubs and bars. No proof, just a feeling – the truth was far from that. And still marketing and PR managers in the nursery industry flogged to the assumed baby mecca.

An article on Spiegel Online has now uncovered that none of it was true. There is not even an unusually high number of pregnant women in Prenzlauer Berg. True, the number of births rose by around 30 per cent between 2005 and 2010, but still it is only average for Germany. The region with the highest proportion of children is Cloppenburg in Lower Saxony. To all marketing managers: Let’s go to the new baby mecca!

But now comes the real snag: The report on Spiegel Online is part of a book which is at least as arrogant as the people it accuses of being hostile to parents. The authors are lay people who by having two sons feel qualified to advise other parents on which baby products they need and which they do not. We say: One nonsense is unmasked here just to make money with the next nonsense – and Spiegel Online happily makes itself a vehicle for that!


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