Digital dads – a new target audience for kids’ online entertainment?

US dads spend a lot more time online with their kids than mums. They also tend to buy more games online or download paid-for music. So dads are a continiously growing group advertisers should address.

A research from February 2011 finds that fathers of families who have internet access spent 4.5 hours on the internet with their children each week, compared with 2.9 hours for mums.
This study also shows that dads are more willing to pay for online content because 36 % of fathers spending time online with their offspring recently bought music or games on the internet for their kids opposed to 28 % of mums
According to the survey, one of the reasons for spending time and money online is because dads want to enjoy fun online along with their kids. Therefore 73% of dads who owned a console or handheld device played video games with their children for an hour or more each week, compared to only 38% of mums. Hence dads are a willing target for messaging related to online games and music.

Source:  Survey published by research institute Ipsos OTX Media CT, February 2011

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