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Growing kids’ content in German newspapers

Newspapers in Germany have grown their editorial offering for children considerably. 77 per cent have a page for children. One third publishes news for children. 19 per cent even have a dedicated weekly or monthly kids supplement. And 23 per cent also have a special offering online for their youngest readers. These are the results from a survey published on February 27th in Berlin by the Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV) together with jule: Initiative junge Leser GmbH – a marketing initiative targetting young readers, founded in 2011. Compared to the last survey from 2006 there has been a growth of children’s pages and news by 20 per cent, and online content grew by 17 per cent.

Our agency keeps pointing out that the use of the internet by children in Germany is overrated – the newspapermen have got the message: For children, the printed paper is the main content carrier, while the focus has changed regarding the content for teenagers and young adults. For them, online content is increasingly offered instead of newspaper pages and they are encouraged to surf through news, entertainment and information. In 2006 70 per cent of publishers still had a dedicated youth page, whilst only 54 per cent did so at the end of 2012. 24 per cent are offering a dedicated website for young readers – compared to 18 per cent in 2006.

While 55 per cent of all content targetted at children or youth appears daily, newspapers have also heavily invested in educational programms: three quarters of all publishing houses offer campaigns encouraging children to read and learn about newspapers, with 66 per cent in 2006. 63 per cent are active in primary schools (34 per cent in 2006), which are attended by children aged 6 to 10 in Germany, and 17 per cent are even working with nurseries (6 per cent in 2006). Projects targetting young people in vocational training are a relatively new idea. In 2012, 41 per cent of all publishers were planning such activities as a service for local companies and businesses.

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