Griffiths Consulting case study at youth marketing conference

Freiheiz: Neue Location des Jugendmarketing-Kongresses von Iconkids & Youth

Neue Location des Kongresses: Freiheiz

Griffiths Consulting exhibited a case study (see below for download) at the largest conference on the topic of children’s and youth marketing, organized by iconkids & youth on June 26th at “Freiheiz” in Munich. The communications agency targeting children and youth presented its campaign for Kurio Tab, a tablet for kids.

With a minimum lead-time, the aim was to achieve a maximum positive presence in time for the product launch in autumn and importantly during the pre-Christmas period. The key media and blogs targets were those with the subject matter of family or consumer technology. Despite the tight schedule, as much as 97 million contacts in the area of print, online and TV were achieved.

As specialists in the target group family, Griffiths Consulting was able to achieve a precise positioning of the product. The agency has excellent connections to editors who focus on family topics as well as to editors who specialise in consumer electronics and digital games. This advantage guaranteed exclusive access to influential journalists and made it possible to reach not only mothers but also fathers, including winning over the jury of TOMMI, the renowned children’s software award.

Drawing from the agency’s proprietary blogger database, the team selected the best blogs and vlogs and addressed them efficiently offering product samples for testing. An SEO optimized YouTube channel ensured that the video content about the product was easily found.

Thanks to the precise positioning, KD Germany already exceeded their sales target before Christmas. This put the product into second place of the best-selling Android tablets for kids in Germany in 2014.

Kurio Tab creates a link between children’s desires and parents’ expectations. Thanks to the unique body motion controller, the kids can go wild while playing sporty games and remain active. There are also comprehensive settings for child protection and time management for up to eight users and other high-tech features that make the tablet an excellent choice for the whole family.

Click here to download or view the poster of the case study (PDF, 1.4 MB)

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