International Communications

International PR – The local approach to global communication

With the support of International Public Relations Team (IPR Team), companies can conduct international PR campaigns, without having to find and brief suitable partners locally. Our clients’ experience is that agile and client-oriented PR experts with local roots prove to be the best choice not only for global organisations, but particularly for small and medium-sized businesses who want to become active in selected countries.

Team members around the world draw on the local knowledge and expertise of partners in other countries to develop and implement strategies that meet their clients’ global aspirations. The IPR Team also provides a mechanism for organisations seeking overseas representation to find a suitable consultancy in their target markets.

The network was founded in 2002 and consists of owner-managed PR and communications consultancies who want to provide companies with fast access to international markets. Through one access point at home they form a global, creative PR team for strategy development and implementation, which combines the benefits of local knowhow with the efficiency of global set-up.

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