Family brands: What’s important in 2018?


What's new for family brands in 2018? Every year we take up the offer from the iconkids & youth, market researchers specialising in children and parents, to present ourselves as a communications … [Read more...]

Handelsblatt for digital natives: Orange or Lemon?


‘I'm almost 18 and have no idea about taxes, rent, or insurance. But I can write a poem analysis.’ Complained one student via Twitter. Sabrina Rospert and Ulrica Griffiths write about what the German … [Read more...]

Who said Facebook? Teens spend online time on research, chats and videos

Cover of the youth survey

German adolescents between twelve and 17 years are digitally very well equipped. They mostly own several online enabled devices and use them most frequently for homework, chatting with friends and … [Read more...]

Kids often don’t recognize online advertising


Half of children's 100 top favorite sites contain advertising or promotional messages. But only 18 percent of children aged six to eleven years can clearly recognize them for what they are. This is … [Read more...]

More German newspapers offer content for children

BDZV-Studie Kindercontent

Newspapers in Germany have grown their editorial offering for children considerably. 77 per cent have a page for children. One third publishes news for children. 19 per cent even have a dedicated … [Read more...]

Why mothers can’t let go of their smartphones

A current survey carried out by the online platform BabyCenter among mothers in the US found that Smartphones have become essential in daily life. Half of the mothers interviewed even admit to be … [Read more...]

Dr. Internet – The doctor that mothers trust

Within families mainly mothers take care of health issues. In addition to their regular doctor, mothers also get information and advice from the internet. 69 per cent of US mothers search online … [Read more...]

Friends and parents show new apps to kids

During the "Kinderwelten" youth marketing conference, Birgit Guth from Super RTL presented some suprising data about the media used by children. One part of her presentation was particularly … [Read more...]

How mums use smartphones for shopping

Today we received a survey from about how mothers in the US use their smartphones for shopping. 31 per cent of US mobile users will have a smartphone this year, the market reasearch … [Read more...]

Connecting brands with mom bloggers

Klick zum Vergrößern

Griffiths Consulting, a Munich PR agency specialising in the target group of family and youth, is offering its clients access to a growing network of parenting bloggers. This service has been tested … [Read more...]